See Emergence in the Southern Highlands

Visit the beautiful Sturt Gallery for Emergence till 13 September 2020.

A group exhibition with the Artists of the Round Yard Inc.
Sturt Gallery exhibition: Emergence
Visit Sturt Gallery.
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Coming in 2021

Business Not Usual: A Photographic Study of an Unimaginable Time in 2020

Photographer Tracy Ponich - Max, Max Steel Blue Mountains

Max, Max Steel Blue Mountains

First bushfires, then floods, then… the autumn of the pandemic.

Business Not Usual, I’ve come to call it, is a visual record, a snapshot of the Blue Mountains community from the perspective of our small businesses.  See a few more of the photographs here

Winter 2021. This series will exhibit at the Blue Mountains Cultural Centre, Katoomba. Watch for updates here, or get my newsletter

Recent exhibitions:

Out of the Fire: Resilience in the Face of Natural Disaster (23 February – 15 March 2020)

Photographer Tracy Ponich: Aftermath. It’s raining, Blue Mountains January 2020.

Aftermath. It’s raining, Bells Line of Road, Blue Mountains (January 2020)

Blue Mountains Cultural Centre Katoomba NSW. This work was part of a group exhibition of photographs.

After the fires, I braced myself and drove down Bells Line of Road (and cried)

More than ever Australia needs habitat. I’m devastated by the fires that have raged within a few kilometres of my home, my studio this past summer and inundated so many communities. I’m in despair over the loss of our natural heritage. It’s calculated at 80% in the Blue Mountains. 80% of world heritage bushland.  This is my contribution for habitat. 

Broken Stories – A Road Trip (20 February-15 March 2020)

Photographer Tracy Ponich: Tracy Ponich, Nightfall Over Desert, Broken Hill

Nightfall Over Desert, Broken Hill

Braemar House, Springwood. This was an exhibition with artist and friend, Scott Pollock. Broken Stories is our shared experience of Australia’s Big Dry. Awe-inspiring landscape. Completely heartbreaking, all at once. See a few more of the works here

Blue Mountains Gazette: “Art from a trip to the big dry in Broken Hill”, read more here. 

Southern Highlands: The Art of Collecting (9 – 24 November 2019)

Tracy Ponich, Feathermark Photography: Faraway 5 - Açores, Pico do Carvão

Faraway 5 – Açores, Pico do Carvão, photograph on handmade washi

Contact me about a limited edition work from this exhibition at Retford Park Bowral, The Art of Collecting. See more of the works here

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