Poignant landscapes, Menindee Lakes

Photographer Tracy Ponich, Lake Menindee - Pamamaroo

Lake Pamamaroo, Menindee NSW

The skeletons of Pamamaroo

I’ve been watching developments at the Menindee Lakes closely. I was there this past winter. Two locals took me to Menindee and shared their knowledge about the place. What I saw and photographed affected me deeply. And things are now so very much worse for the region. I’m hoping this photograph might make others pause, and think about this heart-wrenching situation we’ve got – if the nightly news hasn’t already.

Everything has a footprint

I offset Feathermark Photography’s footprint with Australian certified carbon credits. Mainly I choose to support forest conservation and biodiversity projects. For the Broken Hill-Menindee trip above, I chose Rimba Raya Biodiversity Reserve, a project protecting critical rainforest.

Through Feathermark, as a separate action I’ve funded the planting of 442 Australian natives through Trees For Life. I like to think of it as Feathermark’s forest. More creature habitat, more places to build a nest. 

Feathermark is the first individual artist studio with Low Carbon Living Blue Mountains