photo: Tracy Ponich at Severn Park, Cooma NSWFor a few years I focused on the environment. I hoped my photographs would convey a sense of urgency so I created images that conveyed the consequences of a changing climate, including the drought in Far West New South Wales and the devastation after the Black Summer fires.

Then along came the pandemic and the impossibility of  travelling around with my camera. I pulled in, like everyone, and shifted focus to my community. This result was an unexpectedly large collection of images called Business Not Usual:  portraits of proprietors  trying to adapt their small businesses in the Blue Mountains and survive. This collection exhibited at the Blue Mountains Cultural Centre and one piece, Eleni and the Bookshop, was a finalist in the National Photographic Portrait Prize 2021

Still focusing on climate change, my next project is about regenerative farmers: a few Australians who are making a difference for our planet. Over the last couple of years I’ve spent time on the farms and I’ve seen the changes that can happen on when farmers shift away from chemical use and monoculture and let nature guide them in their choices. I plan to exhibit these images  when time and place is right. Watch this space.

Jasper – Location Assistant, Office Mate

Jasper is my companion and loyal assistant. I value his spirit, his eagerness, and his (dogged) pursuit of what is truly important in life. He reminds me often that I need to find work-life balance. 

Such an amazing dog.