Planting trees for habitat

Feathermark funds managed, native tree planting with Trees For Life. (Trees For Life logo.)Through Feathermark I support the Australian not-for-profit reforestation organisation, Trees For Life. To date Feathermark has contributed 648 native trees through two streams of funding. This is what I’ve chosen to do:

    • 584 trees for habitat,
    • 64 trees for carbon sequestration.

I like to think of the homes these trees provide for our precious Australian fauna. I’m heartened to learn that the natives I’ve planted over the years have survived the catastrophic wildfires of 2019/20. View my Trees For Life certificate here (PDF).

Visit Trees For Life.

Offsetting emissions

Every activity has an impact on the environment so I do all that I can to be a carbon neutral business. Carbon emissions that I can’t reduce or eliminate myself are mainly from my suppliers of materials and processes such as inks, paper, and framing. There’s also travel for photography shoots where the location is beyond my trusty PHEV’s battery life (Australia needs charging stations!). I offset unavoidable GHG emissions with certified (VCU) carbon credits and choose projects that also provide community co-benefits. Mainly I purchase credits in biodiversity and forest conservation projects that make substantial contributions to the UN Sustainability Development Goals. 

To date Feathermark has offset 93 tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions through carbon offsetting.

Australian carbon and energy management specialists, Pangolin Associates, has measured Feathermark’s footprint. Visit the Pangolin Associates website.

Through Feathermark I support…

As well as Trees For Life, I support a few organisations through the photography.